Club Personnel

Patron John Sparling 09-524-8366
Board of Management - 2016-17
President Vince Hurley 021-243-9127
Chairman Mark Robson 021-217-3962
Senior Club Captain Darren Allen 021-860-614
Junior Club Captain Damien Poppelwell 021-480-706
Secretary James Macmillan 021-242-9653
Treasurer Craig Perry 021-899-871
Vice Chancellor's Nominee     Louis Rattray 021-225-6025
Board Member Mark Robson 021-217-3962
Board Member Jonathan Hulme 027-207-7032
Board Member Franz Molamure 027-433-1332
Board Member Anna Peterson 021-253-9010
Co-opted Board Member Amr Kareem 021-733-360
Co-opted Board Member TBC  
Other Positions - 2016-17
EDCA Delegate Ian Miller 027-838-9077
EDCA Delegate Roy Norris 027-499-9476
Convenor, Senior Committee Darren Allen 021-860-614
Convenor, Junior Committee Damien Poppelwell 021-480-706
Honorary Auditor Graeme Lynch 09-521-1791
Honorary Solicitor Philip Skelton 027-567-9919
Grade Convenors - 2016-17
Senior A-C Grades TBC  
Senior 1-Day Grades TBC  
Senior Twenty20 Grades Richard Walker 027-424-1880
Twilight Cricket Matt Rankine 021-153-4839
Girls Natasha Reddy 021-105-8261
Under 19 Mark Robson 021-217-3962
Year 9 & 10 Garry Ivill 021-494-949
Year 8 Julie Landry & Franz Molamure 021-895-098 & 027-433-1332  
Year 7 Jonathan Hulme 027-207-7032
Year 6 Matt Taylor 021-521-596
Year 5 Damien Poppelwell 021-480-706
Year 4 David Aitkenhead 027-211-0575
Year 3 Julie Landry 021-895-098
Year 2 Kevin Benson 021-063-6277
Year 0/1 Richard Walker 027-424-1880
EDCA Selectors - 2016-17
U18 Boys TBC  
Year 9&10 Boys TBC  
Primary School Boys TBC  
Club Management Team - 2016-17
Club Manager Richard Walker 027-424-1880
Junior Coaching Coordinator Daniel Marsic 021-288-6661
Premier Men's Coach Nigel Fletcher 021-424-222
Premier Men's Captain - 2-day ad 1-Day Hareen Silva 021-024-55389
                                      - T20 Pierce Fletcher 021-176-0259
Premier Women's Coach Victoria Lind 027-523-1323
Premier Women's Captain Anna Peterson -
Communications and Promotions    Wendy Verry 021-767-971
Club Journalist Anna Peterson -

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Colin Maiden Park - the future

Wednesday 18th December 2013 will go into our Club's history book as a hugely significant day - the day that our home at Colin Maiden Park was secured.  See the press release from Auckland Council and the statement from the Vice-Chancellor of Auckland University.

ICC Cricket 360 came to AUCC!!

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