This Page provides all the Information about the
J.T. Sparling Junior Super Series programme



What is the “Super Series”?
The Super-Series competition has arisen primarily from a desire to coordinate interclub Rep fixtures and create more regular and consistent high-level competition between the 5 largest Auckland clubs which will provide the top tier of junior cricketers with improved opportunities to test themselves against each other, with obvious benefits in terms of player development.


Which Clubs are involved in the “Super Series”?
Auckland University Cricket Club, Cornwall Cricket Club, Grafton United Cricket Club, Howick Pakuranga Cricket Club, Parnell Cricket Club.


Where can I find the draws/match venues/start times?

All draws are published in CricHQ and can be accessed either through the Auckland Cricket website at Club Cricket>>Fixtures and Results>>Super Series or directly on CricHQ at Auckland Cricket Association>>Competitions>>Super Series


What are the Playing Conditions?
A standard set of Playing Conditions have been produced and can be seen at:

For any particular fixture the two Clubs involved might agree to vary the Playing Conditions by mutual consent, in which case the individual Clubs will notify the players.


How does the “Super Series” work?
There are 3 separate Points Systems running concurrently within the competition structure, and each contributes to different parts of the competition outcome. Each team will play 4 Round-Robin games plus a game in the finals round. Whoever places 5th will have a bye.

  1. Fixture Result Points
    • For each game within a fixture – 2 points will be awarded for win, 1 for draw or tie, 0 for loss, -1 for a default
    • Usual tie-break rules apply – gross runs, wickets lost.
    • The total points accumulated for each club shall determine the winner of the fixture, highest points wins.
  2. Grade Championship Points
    • Across the 5 rounds of the Super-Series, each grade will have its own points table in CricHQ.
    • At the conclusion of round 5, the points standing in each grade will determine the draw for the finals round in each grade, with home advantage going to the Club in the higher position;
      • 1st plays 2nd for the Grade Title (e.g, 2017-18 Y4B Champions)
      • 3rd plays 4th
      • 5th has a BYE
  • The finals round will produce a grade champion and will determine the final placings for each grade.
  • The results of the finals rounds in each grade will then contribute to the final Super-Series points per club and will determine the final club positions for the overall Super-Series, and will determine the overall champion club (NB, the final formula for this is still being worked on).
  1. Super-Series Ladder Points
  • The Winning club from each fixture for Super-Series purposes is awarded 2 Super-Series points, losing club 0, and a draw or tie is worth 1 point for each club. In the event of a club defaulting an entire fixture, they will receive -1 points.
  • Super-Series points are cumulative for each club; an on-going week-to-week record of club points will be maintained, and a cumulative Leader-board updated after each round. The Leader-board will be available through CricHQ.
  • At the conclusion of round 5 the draw will be determined for the Finals round according to the standings in each of the individual grades.