The Ashes

The "Ashes" are played for annually between the University Premier vs Ellerslie Premiers whenever they meet in a two day game. The trophy is a replica of the famous urn played between Australia and England. Following the 2009-10 season when the University and Ellerslie Premier teams played as a combined side, the bails used in the final match were burned and the ashes sealed in the urn.


November 2010      -  Ellerslie won on 1st innings

March 2011           - University won outright

December 2011      - Match Drawn

March 2012           - AUCC won on 1st innings

November 2012      - Ellerslie won on 1st innings

February 2013       - Ellerslie won outright



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Colin Maiden Park - the future

Wednesday 18th December 2013 will go into our Club's history book as a hugely significant day - the day that our home at Colin Maiden Park was secured.  See the press release from Auckland Council and the statement from the Vice-Chancellor of Auckland University.

ICC Cricket 360 came to AUCC!!

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