Years 0/1 girls participate in the Club’s “Have a go Cricket”.

Year 2, 3 and 4 girls play in the new Girls U9 Grade or in the mixed gradesThis seasons we are offering any girls who wish to join the Have a go Cricket” program. Please contact the club manager via the contact form at the bottom of the page if this applies to you.

For Girls in Year 5 at School the Older Grades are below

The age cut-off is 1st April, but Auckland Cricket have indicated that they will be flexible in granting dispensations so that girls can be in a team with their friends and playing at the right level. Please contact the Club Manager if this applies to you.

When and Where

The season typically starts on the Friday or first Saturday after Labour Weekend and finishes on the last Saturday in March. The season breaks during the Christmas school holidays. ​The Auckland Cricket Playing Dates can be found on their website.


Teams in Girls U9 will play in an Inter-Club Competition which will be scheduled in Eastern and Central Zoned areas.


Teams in Girls U11-U16 will play against other teams in Auckland Cricket Association (ACA). Games are scheduled home and away across the city. When playing a 'home' game ACA will schedule the match as close to AUCC as possible.


Teams are traditionally expected to practice once a week for 45-60 minutes. The Club is reliant on volunteer support to coach and manage these teams.


Softball Grades: Girls U9 ​

The Girls U9 is an Inter-Club competition and will include teams from Cornwall, Parnell, Grafton, Howick Pakuranga and Ellerslie. The games will be played on Friday (5pm) or on Saturday at 8am.

ACA Softball Grades: Girls U11 / U13:
There are two competitions for each grade: Friday afternoon starting 5pm to 6:15pm, or Saturday morning 8am to 9:15am. There will be two separate half-season competitions

For all Softball Grades U9-13, teams are 6-a-side and games are 12 overs per side.

ACA Hardball Grades: Girls U11/U13/U16 :

All grades play on Saturday mornings starting at 9:30am and finishing by 12-noon latest. U11 and U13 teams are 8-a-side and U16 are 9-a-side. All games are T20. 

For the U13 grade there is an additional  T20 competition on Tuesday evenings starting at 5pm. Players can play on Saturdays only, or Tuesdays only, or both.​​

Junior Blues

Inter Club Fixtures are also offered on ​Sunday. Please visit the Inter-Club Fixtures Page for more information

For all the ACA Competition Offering please click here​


For Softball Grades all players must wear the club playing shirt and a club playing cap during Saturday morning competition.  The Blue Cap and Club Shirt are available from PlayersSports.

The new junior coloured playing  is mandatory in 2021-22 season and is available to order from PlayersSports for the upcoming 2020-21 season

For Hardball Grades all players must wear the club playing shirt, pants and a club playing cap during Saturday morning competition.  The Blue Cap, Club Shirt and Pants are available from PlayersSports.

The new junior coloured playing shirt and new coloured pants are mandatory in 2021-22 season and is available to order at PlayersSports for the upcoming season

Draw & Playing Conditions

For the Draw Refer to the CricHQ website

For Playing Conditions


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Downloads and Resources

Below is a list of documents and resources that may be needed throughout the season


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