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About us

At the Auckland University Cricket Club you will find a Club built on over 100 years of history and tradition that caters for all kinds of people, young and old, big and small, shy or bold.

Attitude, enthusiasm, loyalty, a willingness to learn new skills and being part of the team, both on and off the field, are what really count at University.

Winning is important, or at least playing to win is, but success at University is not necessarily winning. Success is to do with the manner in which the game is played, win or lose. Cricket is one of those games where a player can obtain satisfaction from many aspects of the game without necessarily being in a winning team or being a star player. An important catch which rids the opposition of its best batsman, a magnificent stop which prevents a boundary, a brief not-out innings which saves a match: all these can bring a glow to the team as a whole.

Cricket is primarily a team game, however, and although individuals may play major roles in winning a match, it is the combined efforts of the whole team which decides the outcome .... this team philosophy underpins everything we stand for at the Auckland University Cricket Club.

To everybody associated with University Cricket ... enjoy our fine facilities at Colin Maiden Park, remember you are representing a proud Club with over 100 years of history, uphold the spirit and traditions of the game we love and - most importantly - have fun and enjoy the game.


There is a home at AUCC for everyone.

our TEAM:
Ketan Patel

Club Operations Manager

Shane Goonasekera

Junior Coaching Coordinator

Wendy Verry

Accounts and Communications Officer

our BOARD:

Darryl Hari (Front), Anthony Ireland (Back), David Curtis, Victoria Lind, Matt Taylor, Neill Arnold, David Aitkenhead, Vince Hurley

Absent: Damien Poppelwell, Jack Windler, Mark Robson, Sean Smith

General Board Member

Anthony Ireland

General Board Member

Darryl Hari

General Board Member

Damien  Poppelwell

General Board Member

Sean Smith


Vince Hurley


Mark Robson


Neill Arnold

Senior Club Captain

Jack Windler

Junior Club Captain

David Aitkenhead


David Curtis

General Board Member

Victoria Lind

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