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For boys and girls who are in Year 2-4 at school at the start of the cricket season. It is Club policy that all players should play in their correct grade unless the player concerned has exceptional skills and if this is the case then he or she may play up one grade.

When and Where

The season starts on the first Friday after Labour weekend and finishes on the last Friday in March. The season breaks during the Christmas school holidays.

In the 1st Half of the Season teams play against other teams from the Auckland University 

  • Games will be played at Colin Maiden Park

  • Year 2, 3 & 4 Teams will play on Friday Night at 5pm

In the 2nd Half of the Season teams will play against other teams from Parnell CC and Grafton United CC in a combined Eastern Districts Competition​

  • Games will be played at Colin Maiden Park, Shore Road/Orakei Domain, Victoria Park, Cox's Bay

  • All AUCC vs AUCC Games will be played on Friday night at Colin Maiden Park

  • All AUCC vs PCC Games will be played on Friday night at either Colin Maiden Park or Shore Rd

  • All AUCC vs GUCC games will be played on Saturday Morning at (8:30am).

Teams are traditionally expected to practice once a week for 45-60 minutes. The Club is reliant on volunteer support to coach and manage these teams.


Players must wear a club playing shirt and a club playing cap during all official club games.  The Blue Cap and Club Shirt is available from PlayersSports

The new junior coloured playing is now mandatory in the 2022-23 season and is available to order from PlayersSports. Players are encouraged to get their names printed on the back of there t-shirts at PlayersSports

Draw & Playing Conditions

  • Teams play on a 12m pitch in Y2 and 14m pitch in Y3 & 4 with an incredi-ball (a soft cricket ball with a seam).

  • Games last for approximately 90 minutes and are 16 overs per side.

  • Every player must bowl 2 overs and they all bat for 4 overs.

  • The playing conditions provide for teams with less than or more than 8 players.

Please click here for the full playing conditions


To register now please click here

Downloads and Resources

Below is a list of documents and resources that may be needed throughout the season

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