For all players over the age of 16 as at 1st September

Where and when

This is a social grade played on Monday and/or Tuesday evenings starting at 6pm.

Teams are 8-a-side and games are 14 overs per side. All games are on artificial wickets either at our home ground, Colin Maiden Park, or at a venue close by. All gear is provided by the Club.

Separate competitions run pre and post-Xmas.


Club Uniform is not required for players however teams are encouraged to wear team uniforms.


The Club provides teams with gear for each game they play including bats, balls, stumps and protective equipment

Draw & Playing Conditions

TBC: For the Draw Refer to CricHQ

TBC: For the Playing Conditions please click here


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Downloads and Resources

Below is a list of documents and resources that may be needed throughout the season